Like a lot of Pinterest fans, I love hunting out recipes for making wine, cheese, bread, yogurt, pasta – but cocktails are my latest thing. At cocktail hour (whenever that happens to be), we often chat over the day as I rustle up a little something.

We have our favourites, but it’s fun to experiment.

A couple of years ago, I landed my first book deal, which was jolly exciting. I've had seven major book launches since then, and more to come. Some are for adults, some for younger readers. Some are historical fiction, while others are fantasy. What they do have in common, though, is that I've celebrated their release by devising a unique cocktail, made from my favourite ingredients.

It’s become something of a ritual.

It struck me that it might be fun to share these and other recipes, so here we are. (I even made a video when I was launching Dark Interlude.)

If you’re wondering about the title, whenever my father went on a golfing holiday to France, when asked what time it was, he always said: ‘Half-past Kronenburg.’ It was that kind of gentlemen’s vacation. This is my small homage to the expression.

Enjoy the recipes - in moderation, of course.